Dev Blog 8: Who's that Pokemon?

I'm finding it difficult to come up with things to discuss that are even worth bringing up this month.  I was lucky enough to go on a vacation with my wife this last week and so I lost about a week of development time. I did manage to squeeze in some time which I used primarily for fixing existing bugs and drawing graphics for my first enemy.  I wanted to start off with some common enemy that wouldn't to be to difficult to draw, animate, or program.  It led me to come up with this little lizard dog I call a Plug.   


Dev Blog 7: Animation System

Since the last update I've been busy working on animations and a system to help control how they are managed.  Drawing the art, as usual, was slow going.  I created the remaining attack animations and then I found myself making some hurt/damaged animations.  I play those when the character is hurt by an enemy, which also led me to realize that my current (rudementary) approach for triggering animations was not going to work.  I'd need to make sure that I don't allow the player to trigger another animation when attacking or while the player is showing they're hurt.

Dev Blog 6: Attack Animation

Things have been progressing slowly this month. I wanted to post something earlier but have found it difficult to come up with anything interesting to show.  Mostly, I've been busy with the day job and life and so that would be the key reason that I haven't had much to show.  This did however lead me to want to work harder on the project so that I could actually get something to write about.  But in the end I actually have been stuck a bit and so there hasn't been that much useful output.  



Dev Blog 5: Window Resolution and Sprites

So, as I mentioned last time I ran into a bit of trouble when working with my new Buffalo sprite.  I was having two issues in Unity (5.2.3), the first was that I was having trouble where my sprite animations would randomly be off centered by a pixel and the other was that occassionally a pixel would show up on the edge of the sprite half transparent or real pixels would disappear completely.

Dev Blog 4: That's a Buffalo

Like many of you, I was busy over the holidays.  I ended up not getting much work done over those weeks due to family, travel, and watching my kids over the break.  I actually had hoped to accomplish more and to top it off, we were busy replacing a broken down car last week.  So that cut into my free time as well.  Enough with the excuses though, as I did get a few things done...




Dev Blog 3: Drawing Monitor

As mentioned previously, I wanted to get a drawing monitor to assist in art creation.  I decided to purchase the Ugee 19 inch monitor [Amazon Link] and so far have been very happy with it.  It tracks the pen correctly, is sensitive enough for my needs, and so far seems sturdy and reliable.  I've tried drawing on it a few nights now and so far I haven't any issues.  


Dev Blog 1: Motivation

Coming up with a concept for a game is generally pretty easy.  I have countless ideas that I'd like to create, but the time required to make just one turns choosing a project into a more difficult task.  I am the father of two little boys and decided that I'd like to make a game for them.  I'm not planning on making a kids game.  No, I'm aiming more for a game that they can appreciate when they're older and something that would still be entertaining to an adult.  Doing so also gives me more time, as I won't have to worry about it being complete before they grow to old.


Sometimes things don't work out.

Just looking at the news feed, you'd see that things have been pretty quiet.  The truth is that I never stopped working.  Shortly after completing Loot Grinder, I was in talks with a good friend to make my next game.  The project was pretty ambitious, an exploring, scuba diving, sea lab building game. Oh, and we'd have multiplayer too.  We decided to move my game engine over to Monogame since XNA was being retired and the development began sometime in the middle of 2013.

Loot Grinder Updated - 1.04.2

We've pushed out another patch for Loot Grinder with a couple minor fixes and changes.

Windows Phone

  • Fixed: Equipment stat indicators misreported when hovering over accessories
  • When buying spells, text now also indicates what class can cast the spell
  • Reduced prices of inn, items, weapons, armor, and spells
  • Fixed: Spells as secondary abilities didn't work after loading a game