Dev Blog 26: Camera Work

Work began on the first dungeon.  I designed a template for any future interior dungeons, spacing out the rooms in a zelda like manner. Then I actually spent the time to fill them in with terrain and scenery. As an old artist friend used to say, I still need to add some 'fance' (fanciness) to them, as they are pretty bare bones at the moment and mostly everything has been a reused asset.  I try to add new art with every new area, so that new things show up in the game, but also sometimes I'll go back into older map chunks and dabble things or swap out others to give more variety in older areas.

Dev Blog 25: Beach Cave

Another holiday season has passed and as expected, not a ton of work has been done on the game.  I did happen to take some time to draw additional scenery that I had skipped over and expanded the world further on the eastern edges of my current world's boundaries.  The beach is looking pretty good and with how much coldness is around me in the real world, I wouldn't mind visiting there. 



Dev Blog 24: Millions of Beaches

I'm working my way along the eastern edge of the world, adding new land and scenery.  In the near future, I will be getting to a point where I will be able to add a boss area that the player will needs to encounter. These areas are usually referred to as dungeons even if they don't look like a castle's dungeon.  They are generally sectioned off areas, buildings, dungeons, or caves that have more than usual number of enemies, puzzles, traps, and a boss creature that needs to be defeated to advance the story.  I've been working on adding some new beach scenery and with that comes new art assets.  This beach will connect to a dungeon eventually.



Dev Blog 23: The Kindler

While continuing my work on various fundamental game improvements, I took steps toward the new weapons that I mentioned last blog post.  I decided that a red wiffle bat had to be one of the primary weapons since many of us had one when we were little.  I also spent time making a new enemy named the Kindler. He is a cousin of the plug and can shoot fireballs.




Dev Blog 22: It's Dusty in here

I finished up both the exterior and interior of the old church building I was making. It did require some new graphics for the walls and floor, as well as some additional furniture and scenery. Some of those things included pews, candle stands, and an alter.  I also tried to fancy up the environment with some subtle glowing behind the windows and some dust drifting in the light that can be seen from the windows.  


Dev Blog 19: Interiors

Since last time, I've been pretty busy with some personal things that have been taking up a lot of my free time.  It hasn't been anything bad thankfully, but unfortunately things won't get back to normal until next month.  I have still been working on the game when I am able to do so.  Primarily I've been continuing my art additions.  I've finally bit the bullet and started working on interiors, starting with the tavern that I've discussed in previous blog posts.  Some of the work done will be used for other areas, such as any possible castles, caves, or dungeons.  We're basically going to have a separate map chunk that gets loaded outside of the regular map and that we can travel to through a door/gateway.  I spent some time making a 'cool' transition effect.


Dev Blog 18: Running man

I spent most of my time this month working on graphics.  Early on I had the idea of remaking the attack animation to be slightly more animated (for lack of a better word).  The previous one was fine, but it didn't have much full body movement, so it felt a little too rigid.  I now have the character jumping while attacking to give it a little more power.  Yeah, it's cartoony and not realistic, but gives it that extra pop that I felt the old versions needed.