Loot Grinder for XBOX Indie Games

It took some time, but Loot Grinder has been released for Xbox Indie Games (80 MS Points).  Check it out at XBox.com.


First of all, I like this game - it's fun. However, I think I've found a gamebreaking bug. Whenever I get more than 256 CP, it resets to 0. I have a party of class level 5 warriors, and I need 350 CP to go to class level 6, and I am unable to do so, due to reset. By the way, I'm playing the xbox version (v 1.04).


 We'll take a look and get a fix in the queue as soon as Microsoft will let us.  Expect an update near the end of next week. Thanks for checking out our game and also letting us know!

Found a repeatable crash on the ability select screen. Have a rank one Pearl Wizard with Pearl Magic 1 equipped and pressing up will take you off the screen, then pressing down again will crash it.


Thanks for the information, we'll have that fixed as well.

I find it hard to believe that you even played this game yourselves before releasing it to the public.  I would like a patch to this game, however, because I enjoy the concept, so I'll tell you what needs to be done.  I'm playing the xbox version.

1. Buying the Prism spell crashes the game.

2. Let's say you have some levels in diamond mage and then you switch to a pearl mage.  When you load your game and go to a battle and choose to cast diamond magic, all the menus will disappear and you can't do anything.  I assume the opposite is also true if you started with a pearl mage and switched to a diamond mage.  Game breaking bug.

3. Getting different spells to appear in the shop is easy, you just buy a spell and the list refreshes with new spells.  This is good.  Getting new weapons and armor to appear works differently, and I haven't figured it out.  That is bad for two reasons.  One, because the player doesn't know how it works, and two, because the selection rarely changes and all the gear is garbage.

4.  Every time you click the Grind button, it defaults to the area on the left.  The game needs to remember where you fought last so you can go back to that area just by holding down the A button instead of having to arrow over to your desired area every time.

5.  The game needs better loot.  It's called Loot Grinder, and literally the only thing to do is grind for loot.  That's all find and dandy, except when there's no loot to grind for.  I just killed a boss on a level 50 dungeon and got a silver armor, which I also got from a lvl 40 boss I believe.  Talk about disappointing.  Give me something better.

6.  The stat comparisons of armors and accessories show the wrong amount of defense you'd have if you were to equip a new piece of gear.  I don't know the full extent of this bug and if it displays other stats incorrectly as well, but you should be able to figure it out.

I don't mean to sound rude, but honestly, if you actually took the time to play your game for a few hours before releasing it, it wouldn't have any of these very basic problems.

If you added more classes you probably could have sold the game for 240 instead of 80.  You had so many old games to draw inspiration from, 4 classes was pretty disappointing.  But, I can forgive the lack of classes if you just fix the bugs and add better loot drops to the bosses, and some really expensive equipment in the shop.