Dev Blog 1: Motivation

Coming up with a concept for a game is generally pretty easy.  I have countless ideas that I'd like to create, but the time required to make just one turns choosing a project into a more difficult task.  I am the father of two little boys and decided that I'd like to make a game for them.  I'm not planning on making a kids game.  No, I'm aiming more for a game that they can appreciate when they're older and something that would still be entertaining to an adult.  Doing so also gives me more time, as I won't have to worry about it being complete before they grow to old.

Generally I don't recall my dreams after I wake up, but I had a very fairy tale-like one  not too long ago that stuck with me.  The perspective of the dream was almost cinematic and I was essentially watching myself play a part in a strange film. I'm going to use this idea as a starting point for the game, as it will allow for a nice whimsical setting.  The game will overall focus on my two boys and the adventure they will experience.   I hope to create a world that is filled with creatures and locations that would be reminiscent to a child's play time imagination.  I know as a kid I would spend many hours going on adventures and fighting monsters, perhaps you did something similar.  My current plan is to incorporate various experiences that we share into the game.  I'll add things they enjoy playing with, watching, or doing and add a little of my own imagination to give it a personal touch.