Dev Blog 2: Art Thoughts

In my early teen years I experimented a lot with game development tools like O.H.R.RPG.C.E and the rpg maker series. While this never resulted in a complete game, I learned a lot about basic game construction and got to see a lot of my ideas show up relatively easily on the screen.  It also forced me to dabble in pixel art from time to time and while I never got amazing at it, I at least learned the basics and could make some resemblance of what I was trying to create.  The plan right now would be to draw my own graphics. If I can't pull it off or fear that it will look to ugly, then I'll look into getting someone who knows what they're doing.  Hopefully some of my artistic abilities will improve as I work and I can just do the work myself.

I've been dabbling around for sometime on how I will represent the game world. The Super Nintendo has been my favorite console since its creation and I have always found pixel art of that quality (or higher) to be appealing.  I'm not certain yet what sort of art direction I'll take. Drawing pixel art is time consuming, but I'm not experienced enough to draw in a different style where the results will be created as efficient or even decent.  I'm also tossing around the idea of a hybrid or cartoonish style.  One thing I've been wanting to do is purchase a drawing monitor.  I know that the artists I've worked with in the past used one as their main tool and I thought it would be a neat toy to have around.  I've tried using a drawing pad in the past, one that didn't have a display, and found that it was difficult to connect the hand motion with what was on the screen.  I know that the monitors are not exactly perfect in that respect, but it has to be easier seeing it appear on the screen closely to how your pencil is moving.  I also know that these things can be pretty expensive and while I'd like to be able to drop a ton of money down and get the biggest Wacom product possible it probably wouldn't be the best idea for a practical reasons.  I'm also thinking about taking a chance on a middle tier product by a different company all together.  There will probably be more to come on that in the very near future.

 This little guy is called Matthew.  It's probably a temporary representation, for reasons mentioned above.  He'll be one of the main characters and is just an example of one of the sprites I've drawn. I'm using him for development purposes as I get the basics of the game engine in place.