Dev Blog 3: Drawing Monitor

As mentioned previously, I wanted to get a drawing monitor to assist in art creation.  I decided to purchase the Ugee 19 inch monitor [Amazon Link] and so far have been very happy with it.  It tracks the pen correctly, is sensitive enough for my needs, and so far seems sturdy and reliable.  I've tried drawing on it a few nights now and so far I haven't any issues.  

With the new monitor I've been trying to actually draw my characters and haven't had any break through moments.  I can tell I need a lot of practice to even get decent at drawing.  I've got a nagging feeling that I should just do it as pixel art to avoid wasting time on hand drawn characters.  There is a catch to all of this though, as I can't exactly get better without practice, but I don't want to spend years doing concept art.  So there is still a bit of back in forth in my mind as to what I direction I'll go.  Here is a drawing of a buffalo creature I made up on the fly.  I used too thick of a pen and probably shouldn't have outlined him so heavily.  It could also use some smoothing and better shading.  I drew it as just a test drawing and don't plan on cleaning it up more for use in the game.  

Over the last weeks I've not made a ton of progress on anything it feels.  There has been a lot of research on the above mentioned hardware, a lot of browsing character concepts for design inspirations, and a bit of drawing on my new toy.  I've also been fairly busy with life as I'm sure that is the case with most people this time of year.  In the coming weeks, I plan on continuing with character design, drawing various prototypes until I can come up with a design that makes me happy.  

I want to also wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that your celebrations and gatherings are happy and memorable.