Dev Blog 13: Vegetation and Scenery

Over the last month I've been making graphics and fixing small bugs that had accumulated over time.  The bug fixes aren't worth discussing much, just some pathing and AI issues that have been bugging me for some time, as well as some reorganizing in the code and game play tweeks.  For example, making it so the player couldn't press the attack button and then turn in every direction while the weapon swung.

Not being an artist, I found that drawing a tree was a pretty hard thing to do. I went over maybe five different renditions until I finally settled on one. A lot of time was trying different techniques, but in the end they looked bad or simply didn't match the style of the sprites that already existed.  

Here's what I settled on:



And here's an example of one that I gave up on. I actually sort of like it, so who knows if it'll be used again someday, most of the rest I'm not happy with and don't want to really share them.


There was a lot of various debris like rocks and sticks as well as some specific assets that I strew about the map such as flowers, ferns, and long grass.  I'm really hoping that as I create these things, they'll be able to be reused in other maps and area of the game.  There was also much work done on the specific tileset that I wanted for this first area. I added cliffs, dirt, mud, etc. 


I'm pretty happy with the way it's looking.  There is still much to add and modify however it's a start.


I've been trying to make the map more dynamic and add various interactive things.  It certainly takes time to do specific things, so I've been trying to programmatically handle these interactions.  An example would be that for these flowers and smaller plants if you walk over them, they shake/wobble a bit. I added a bit of code to slightly tweek the shade of tree color per instance of tree to add variation. I've also been trying to see if I can make the grass wave in the wind and have a cornfield sway with it as well.  

Let's just say... it's a work in progress.