Dev Blog 15: Map Loading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Things have been progressing here despite the lack of news posts.  That said, I also have been spending some of my free time on personal matters and the typical busy holiday related things that come about this time of year.  Funny enough though, I have been really excited to get past all of it to make even more progress on the game.  The difficulty in writing these articles is coming up with something to discuss and show.  I can say that almost all of my work over the last couple months was in the deeper backend systems, so sadly there isn't any cool visuals to show off.  

As I mentioned, I was beginning the dive into dynamically loading the game's map last time.  I continued making progress on that and now have a nice system which will load a map section when the player walks near it and then unloads it when the player has walked far enough away.  The pathfinding gets hooked up so that if there is anything trying to cross over from one map chunk to the next it can and won't just stop at the border.  

Part of that work was pretty daunting and made me fairly resistant to just jump in and start working on it.  The main problem I had was finding enough time over the course of a few days to work on this complex issue.  Having only one hour, to work on something and then needing to do something else for few days isn't very productive.  Most of the time coming back would be spent reexamining the logic and refamiliarizing oneself with what is going on.  So instead I spent those fragments working on various small issues in the art and did a few little tweaks in the code.

Overall though, I'm pretty happy with what I've got.  Prior to this I had a slapped together "get it working" type implementation that was good to start developing with, but now I have a system that could (hopefully) be a stable near complete implementation for all my map loading needs.