Dev Blog 19: Interiors

Since last time, I've been pretty busy with some personal things that have been taking up a lot of my free time.  It hasn't been anything bad thankfully, but unfortunately things won't get back to normal until next month.  I have still been working on the game when I am able to do so.  Primarily I've been continuing my art additions.  I've finally bit the bullet and started working on interiors, starting with the tavern that I've discussed in previous blog posts.  Some of the work done will be used for other areas, such as any possible castles, caves, or dungeons.  We're basically going to have a separate map chunk that gets loaded outside of the regular map and that we can travel to through a door/gateway.  I spent some time making a 'cool' transition effect.

There may be more work done on it in the future, or perhaps I'll make additional ones that are used based on the type of entrance used.  It could work for anything though, so perhaps not.  

With interiors, I pretty much don't have any existing assets ready to use, so I have to draw all these things, especially because I'm doing a structure rather than some nature assets.  With the tavern, I want it to feel like a lived in space that is comfortable and perhaps a place that you'd want to go back to from time to time.  As opposed to some traditional rpg towns where you walk in and see wondering npcs or a static hollow shell of a building.  

I've been slowly filling in the empty space with the types of things you'd find in a tavern. Perspective is something I'm trying to keep in mind, as drawing tables, booths, and stairs have been annoyingly difficult for me because they are much larger in size then most of the sprites I've had to create thus far.  

I'll be continuing to add more and more art to the tavern which should fill it out and satisfy most of my plans. The next step after that will be adding the patrons and workers, but that may have to wait for some time as that'll be a much bigger goal and require some other systems in place.  I've got a lot of drawing to do before I even need to worry about that though.