Dev Blog 21: Crystals

Wow, time has flown by and I need to write another dev blog already.   I've been pretty busy with other projects so this one doesn't have a large amount of progress to report.  Most of my spare time has been filled up by boring house related things as well as a couple evenings where I spent time on my hobbies which included dry curing some meats and building an arcade control deck for a future upright cabinet I'll probably make.  But never fear, there was also time spent on the game and most of it involved graphical work once again.  This time I expended my playable area by laying out the landscape and scenery on what is currently my world's eastern edge.  This includes the beginning of some rocky landscape, which required new tilesets and scenery.  

I attempted to create a glowing crystal object which turned out okay. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. They look good enough, but not as nice as I had hoped.  There is so much more I could be working on, it seems not very important to nitpick about.  The crystal involved creating a partially transparent sprite, some glowing particles emitting from behind the object, and a sprite mask to prevent the particles from appearing outside of the sprites shape.  Overall it wasn't that difficult and I dabbled a little with Unity's new sprite mask, which made it pretty darn easy to do.  

I'm also spending time making an old church that'll be nestled in the foot hills.  The current plan is to allow the player to respawn here as well as provide a couple story hooks. We'll see though.  After the building is completed, I'll move on to the interior, which once again will require more new assets.  It won't be anything as involved as the tavern so I'm hoping (praying - ha) that the church won't take as long.  Then it's time to work on some more mechanics and enemies since I'm due for some days of coding.