Dev Blog 22: It's Dusty in here

I finished up both the exterior and interior of the old church building I was making. It did require some new graphics for the walls and floor, as well as some additional furniture and scenery. Some of those things included pews, candle stands, and an alter.  I also tried to fancy up the environment with some subtle glowing behind the windows and some dust drifting in the light that can be seen from the windows.  

I'm hoping that a number of the graphics created for the building can be reused in other parts of the game.  


I then moved on to doing adjustments to some of the fundamentals of the game. Primarily, I've been looking at what needs to be done to make the game play smoother and less clunky.   It'll probably take several iterations of improvements over the life time of the project, so I guess here's to the start of one of them.   

I started by adding a key to force the character to walk, for any time that the player desires to move slower.  The game will now show how much damage you do when you hit the enemy by having a little number float out of the enemy after hitting it.  There may be more work to do here.  I also have begun work on how weapons will work.  Originally when I started work on this game, I thought it might be interesting to try and have zero combat.  But after a lot of thinking, I figured that not having it would leave a pretty big hole in the entire game that probably wouldn't be filled with puzzles and exploring.  I certainly don't want it to be the major component, but it'll be one of the tent pole mechanics.  So my current plan is to have some 'weapons' that a child would pretend to use when they play.  Some ideas would be a stick, a bat, a foam dart gun, or a jump rope.  I may expand on this or keep it pretty limited. I haven't decided yet as there are lots of ways that one could design this.  For now I can at least code in the ability to switch weapons.

One last thing I'll leave you with is the minor improvements I've made to the enemy pathfinding, or the way the game decided how a enemy will move around in the game.  I added some code to account for other enemies current positions to avoid them all piling up.  I had noticed that if you are significantly far enough away from a mob of badies, you'd seen them all form a train and walk toward you in a line.  I still want them to pass through each other, but they should attempt to swarm around you better and it won't be as easy to hit all of them in one swing now.