Dev Blog 24: Millions of Beaches

I'm working my way along the eastern edge of the world, adding new land and scenery.  In the near future, I will be getting to a point where I will be able to add a boss area that the player will needs to encounter. These areas are usually referred to as dungeons even if they don't look like a castle's dungeon.  They are generally sectioned off areas, buildings, dungeons, or caves that have more than usual number of enemies, puzzles, traps, and a boss creature that needs to be defeated to advance the story.  I've been working on adding some new beach scenery and with that comes new art assets.  This beach will connect to a dungeon eventually.

I spent some time drawing new palm trees and rocks, generating a new map chunk and adding a little fisherman's abode. The beach is looking pretty good.  I'm not certain yet what will populate it, but that should be pretty straight forward when I get there.  My next plan will be to continue extending the beach to the aforementioned dungeon and then actually making that.  It'll be a pretty big game content addition.

Here's a little clip of the footprint logic that I also added when you walk on the sand (and perhaps other future terrain).


This marks the second year of development and man there is so much more to go.  If you hadn't caught on, this project is done in my spare time, as I work a professional job and am married with two kids.  Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to work on it, but each week I try to work on it.  This sometimes leads into not much to talk about and I expect the coming month to be one of those times due to family events and the holidays.  Regardless, I do have some things to show for this month.