Dev Blog 25: Beach Cave

Another holiday season has passed and as expected, not a ton of work has been done on the game.  I did happen to take some time to draw additional scenery that I had skipped over and expanded the world further on the eastern edges of my current world's boundaries.  The beach is looking pretty good and with how much coldness is around me in the real world, I wouldn't mind visiting there. 

Here's the entrance to the first dungeon, which is designed on paper, but there is a long way to go on actually implementing the features and scenery that it'll require.

In the design process of making this dungeon I've identified a few of those requirements:

  • Lockable camera - I'd like to have a camera that locks on the center of each room, similar to the traditional Zelda games. It'll pan to the next room when you go through a door.
  • Mechanics - Like other games of this style, there will be tasks that the player will need to perform to make their way through the rooms.  Typically these require the player to do some sort of action or actions based on what is in the given room.  Often what is required of the player builds off of previous actions.  A couple examples are that the player has to push a block onto a pressure plate or the player has to kill all enemies in a room.  These need to be basic tasks in this first dungeon and later dungeons can make them more complex and robust. 
  • Along with these mechanics, I'll have to implement the logic and management of how we keep track of when a goal is accomplished so that the next area becomes accessible.
  • At the moment we don't save any changes to the world, so if you did accomplish the goals, once the dungeon was unloaded (remember we can't keep everything always running in the world) all the things that were done would be lost and revert back to their starting state when you came back.  So I'll need to finally sit down and figure out how saving games is typically done in Unity.  This may result in some basic UI being needed. yuck.
  • Foreground scenery.  I'm not sure if I'll have the art chops to accomplish this, but I'd like to have some sort of graphic that sits between the player and the characters. I'm thinking large rock walls that will hopefully give the impression that you're looking into a cave down at the player.  We'll see how that goes.
  • New enemies and a Boss - I plan on making two additional enemies each with their own special type of action (AI).  The boss will be more complicated because it will need to have smarter AI and also things need to happen when he shows up and when he dies. 

So that's it. I guess that's what I'll be doing for some time. We'll see how much I deviate from that list.

Randomly I was having issues with a server I run at home and it took me awhile to identify that it was a failing secondary hard drive.  The drive doesn't contain anything I can't live without and it is still accessible so I can copy all my files, but the reason I bring this up is because I use this server a lot for this project. It contains my source control, a type of software that keeps track of changes to files (like my code and art) and allows me to undo things or see how things evolved over time. That is particularly helpful when something needs to be fixed or work needs to be undone.  Additionally I also generate backups of my work on this machine and ship them off to another computer for safe keeping.  So all my stuff is backuped up locally at least, but I need to spend time setting it all back up and restoring the state it was in before it had issues.  That would be time that I normally would spend working on this project.  Oh well, it is necessary stuff, just not that glamorous.