Dev Blog

Dev Blog 22: It's Dusty in here

I finished up both the exterior and interior of the old church building I was making. It did require some new graphics for the walls and floor, as well as some additional furniture and scenery. Some of those things included pews, candle stands, and an alter.  I also tried to fancy up the environment with some subtle glowing behind the windows and some dust drifting in the light that can be seen from the windows.  


Dev Blog 19: Interiors

Since last time, I've been pretty busy with some personal things that have been taking up a lot of my free time.  It hasn't been anything bad thankfully, but unfortunately things won't get back to normal until next month.  I have still been working on the game when I am able to do so.  Primarily I've been continuing my art additions.  I've finally bit the bullet and started working on interiors, starting with the tavern that I've discussed in previous blog posts.  Some of the work done will be used for other areas, such as any possible castles, caves, or dungeons.  We're basically going to have a separate map chunk that gets loaded outside of the regular map and that we can travel to through a door/gateway.  I spent some time making a 'cool' transition effect.


Dev Blog 18: Running man

I spent most of my time this month working on graphics.  Early on I had the idea of remaking the attack animation to be slightly more animated (for lack of a better word).  The previous one was fine, but it didn't have much full body movement, so it felt a little too rigid.  I now have the character jumping while attacking to give it a little more power.  Yeah, it's cartoony and not realistic, but gives it that extra pop that I felt the old versions needed.  


Dev Blog 16: World Stitching

We're already a couple weeks into the new year, so I figure I better give an update of my latest developments.  I had a couple days off of work and was able to sit down and concentrate for more than a couple hours, the only downside was that I didn't have any major complex systems that I needed to write.  But instead of wasting it playing games, I spent the time on design and artwork instead.  My first goal was to plan out the entire game at a very high level.


Dev Blog 15: Map Loading

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Things have been progressing here despite the lack of news posts.  That said, I also have been spending some of my free time on personal matters and the typical busy holiday related things that come about this time of year.  Funny enough though, I have been really excited to get past all of it to make even more progress on the game.  The difficulty in writing these articles is coming up with something to discuss and show.


Dev Blog 14: Map Chunks

I've been continuing work on various art as well as map design and layouts.  Some of the work I've been doing is laying out roughly what I want the landscape to look like in the early area, trying to make something that looks good and doesn't require tons of unique assets.  It won't be final, but I've got something that should work for now.  I plan on revisiting it a long time from now after I've fleshed out exactly how I'll be doing the game's introduction.  That is something I'm not worried about at all at this point.


Dev Blog 13: Vegetation and Scenery

Over the last month I've been making graphics and fixing small bugs that had accumulated over time.  The bug fixes aren't worth discussing much, just some pathing and AI issues that have been bugging me for some time, as well as some reorganizing in the code and game play tweeks.  For example, making it so the player couldn't press the attack button and then turn in every direction while the weapon swung.

Not being an artist, I found that drawing a tree was a pretty hard thing to do. I went over maybe five different renditions until I finally settled on one.