Dev Blog 12: Modular AI and Custom Editor Serialization

In one or two of my previous blog articles I've mentioned how I was implementing a custom artificial intelligence (AI) system.  A typical AI system usually boils down to a list of possible states that a game character or creature (actor) can be in and how or when they should transition to those states. This is known as a state machine.  My system is no exception because I really don't need anything fancy for what I'll be doing.  However I took it upon myself as a learning experience to create a modular based AI system so that I could make use of Unity's editor and quickly define and tweak my AI behavior as I develop.  I ran into a number of problems getting Unity to save that information, mostly due to my ignorance, but I also found it rather difficult to locate a cohesive amount of information on the subject so there was a lot of trial and error.  I also am not totally sure I'm doing things correctly, but it's been working great so far.

Dev Blog 7: Animation System

Since the last update I've been busy working on animations and a system to help control how they are managed.  Drawing the art, as usual, was slow going.  I created the remaining attack animations and then I found myself making some hurt/damaged animations.  I play those when the character is hurt by an enemy, which also led me to realize that my current (rudementary) approach for triggering animations was not going to work.  I'd need to make sure that I don't allow the player to trigger another animation when attacking or while the player is showing they're hurt.

Dev Blog 5: Window Resolution and Sprites

So, as I mentioned last time I ran into a bit of trouble when working with my new Buffalo sprite.  I was having two issues in Unity (5.2.3), the first was that I was having trouble where my sprite animations would randomly be off centered by a pixel and the other was that occassionally a pixel would show up on the edge of the sprite half transparent or real pixels would disappear completely.